Welcome to TSI Photos

TSI Photos is a full service digital photography company in Atlanta, Georgia.  We help you create exciting portraits, digitize existing photographic media, and restore older or damaged pictures.

  • We specialize in enviromental photography, special events, business imagery, and portraiture creation. 
  • We have a knack for digitization of prints and slides. 
  • And while not all of those images are in good shape, we also enjoy restoring your digital copy of damaged or mis-colored photos and slides.

What is environmental photography? 

Environmental photography

  • People give you far better emotions and smiles when they’re not ‘in a box’ being told to ‘smile for the camera
  • Children are far more relaxed when the only new element is the person with the camera, as opposed to all of their surroundings
    • Changes of clothes are close at hand
    • Toys and props are easily accessible
  • Photographs that allow people to interact naturally evoke the time, place, and emotion of the moment.
    • Your favorite restaurant
    • Your favorite park
    • Your living room
    • Your backyard
  • To capture what is unique to you and your business, show it!
    • Visually showing your clients where you work and who you are adds a personal connection
    • Your clients will feel like they know you, your company, and how you work — building trust
    • Putting a face to the name and voice is a guaranteed relationship builder